Arvis LLC is a vertically integrated textile company specializing in the production of terry products.

Arvis LLC covers the textile market in the Republic of Tajikistan and gradually takes leading positions all over the world due to the production of high quality products through the introduction of advanced technologies, professionalism of employees Modern management approach

“The mission of Arvis LLC is to produce exceptional quality products that meet and exceed global standards, while continuously enhancing the competitiveness of local textiles in the global markets.”

A'rvis / اَرویس

The old terms of textile materials are not used today, but some of them are still used in the old form. For example, the term “Arvis”.

This word does not exist in the modern Tajik language and does not appear in “The Culture of the Tajik Language” (1969) and “The Interpretive Culture of the Tajik Language” (2010) were also not published. According to the author of Burkhani Kote, the word “Arvis” means a type of rope of organic origin.


We have advanced technological equipment that enables us to produce a wide range of fabrics that are highly demanded in the market and meet consumer requirements. We provide unique conditions for you and your business.


Production Technology

Our high-tech and modern production enables us to produce high-quality products that meet your requirements.


Continuous Staff Development

We continuously strive for improvement! The growth of efficiency is an ongoing and engaging process.


Direct from the Manufacturer

We handle the production of high-quality materials from processing to the finished product, giving you control over the entire process.


Flexible Cooperation

Our full production cycle allows us to offer competitive prices to our partners.


Individual approach

Customized orders are a special focus of our company. This approach is crucial for achieving the desired outcome and fostering a strong customer-manufacturer relationship.

We consider all the intricacies of the production process to create practical and reliable products.

Our capabilities enable us to meet the needs of customers with high standards. Through a well-established workflow and teamwork, we consistently achieve our intended results and goals.

Why it is beneficial for you to work with us:

  • We have our own cotton cluster and fabric production.
  • We offer a wide range of yarns and threads.
  • Our weaving workshops allow us to produce fabrics of different compositions.
  • Our production capabilities include modern fabric processing such as mercerisation, samphorisation, dyeing, rotary printing, and digital printing.

Our production lines can handle large batches per shift.


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